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Take a trip around Historic Farnborough and see how the town has changed and developed over the years at many easily recognisable locations.

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Gone but not forgotten
Did you know that more than 100 locations in the town have been demolished or heavily redeveloped in the last century? We remember them here. Have Farnborough's developments and redevelopments enhanced the town or not?
What are your memories of Farnborough? Whether it's from the 1930s, the 1980s or from today why not share your memories of the town with us? Read our collection of memories of Farnborough
Family Histories | 1891 Census
Is your family history closely linked with Farnborough's history? If so, why not share a few details of your association, or take a look at 1891 census returns.
Read our collection of Farnborough family histories
Did you know that the Historic Farnborough site currently has...
1890 images of Farnborough from 1842 to 2010
125 virtual tour locations showing how the town has changed
116 lost locations that are gone but not forgotten

Help the site grow by sending your photos and memories.
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What Farnborough landmark would you bring back if you could?

   Belgrave House
   Cambridge Hotel
   Castleden Hall
   Children's home
   Farnborough Court
   Fire station
   Jubilee Hall
   Manor lodges
   Soldier's home

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Should South Farnborough's historic conservation area be preserved?
Yes: 116 votes; No: 5 votes

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