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Trace your relatives or see who used to live in Farnborough

Thanks to the Freecen project, an initiative aimed at making census returns from 1841 to 1891 freely available online, genealogical data for Farnborough for 1891 has been transcribed into electronic format and is now available on this site.

Previous census returns from earlier years can also be searched from the Freecen site.

Equally, if you have relatives or links with the town why not check out the new Postcard messages from the past gallery, and see if messages to or from your relatives are there, and samples of their handwriting.

Currently you can view the following census returns:

If you have a family link with Farnborough then why not take a look at the Family Histories section, and then submit details of your own family history linked to Farnborough.

Find out more about your relatives and Farnborough's past in the 1891 census returns for the town

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