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Latest: The Moon family - from Farnborough to Australia; The Anger family from the 1890s; The Pepler family dating from the 1880s; the Meads family and Fish Pond farm; Eight generations at Woodlands Road, Cove; The Dodds family, Cove residents from the 1930s; Jess Howell of the Cheshire Regiment; the Potter family who lived at Avenue Farm, Sycamore Road; George May who lived at Piper's Patch in Clockhouse Road and worked at Cove Radio Station; Comedian Andy Smart who went to the local grammar school; the Oliver family from the International Stores on Lynchford Road; the Jarvis family 1895 to today

Has your family lived in Farnborough for many generations? How many of you and your relatives still live, or have links with, the area? Perhaps you're new to the area but had relatives who have lived here in the past?

Is your family history closely linked with Farnborough's history? If so, why not share a few details of your association with the town by sharing a potted history of your family's time here?

Not sure where to start with your family history? If so, there are plenty of useful online geneaology resources that can let you trace your family links, whether all or part of your family has its history in the town. See our links section for where to research your family history.

Share your family history with Historic Farnborough and see it published on this page (subject to terms and conditions listed on the submission page).

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Find out more about your relatives and Farnborough's past in the 1891 census returns for the town

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