Memories of Farnborough - The Oaks, the Puddle and the Sweet Shop by the Rex Cinema

I've lived in Farnborough for most of my life, (I'm 49) as has my mother, and my grandparents for most of their lives too - Grandpa moved here to join the RAE. I was born in Farley House. We've all been active in Farnborough life over the years. My grandmother, Rebecca Coulter, used to conduct the Fernhill Choir, among others, and was also a singing teacher in Green's School Lane. Who remembers The Oaks before it was pulled down, or Mr Green's house? Grandpa Charlie Coulter was in the home guard.

I remember the Puddle! It was just around the corner from where we lived so we used to just walk round there with our bathing costumes on! We also used the library across the road from there, of which I was a very regular user.

Does anyone remember the shop on Pinehurst corner? Or the excellent sweet shop next to the Rex cinema? - the old traditional sort where you could go in and ask for a quarter of lemon sherberts or a penny-worth of fruit salads and black jack chewy sweets. Then I remember watching it all being pulled down - there were quite a lot of swampy bits where Queensmead is now - what's left of it - and I presume they had a bit of a job sorting that out.

And who remembers going to Sycamore Farm to buy eggs? Frog's spawn from the brook up by North Camp Station, or even from the wooded bit at Sycamore farm?

Information courtesy of Bernie Fife-Schaw.

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