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You've made it to Knellwood, formerly a large estate that incorporated what is now King George V playing fields and all the way to Lynchford Road and whose lodge house was at opposite the end of Albert Road and which still stands today (Image 12). Today Knellwood is a residential home hidden by a modern housing development.

Read a potted history of Knellwood, or find out more details about a new book available on the history of Knellwood by Jo Gosney.

Where to now? Nearby is the former site of The Sycamores, Sycamores Lodge, and Ardwyck House, Farley House, along with the Farnborough and Cove War Memorial Hospital and Alexandra Road, Castleden Hall and Belgrave House School, with the Farnborough Road running in both directions not too far away. To the East is Saltram Road. For the full list of locations nearby, pick where you want to go next from the menu on the right.

Quick tip Take a look at images 1 and 2; and images 7 and 13 for authentic 'now and then' comparisons.

Click on an image to see how the Knellwood estate has changed over the years. (Remember to scroll down to see the larger images).

1. 1961 2. 2007 3. 2007 4. 2007
5. 2007 6. 2007 7. 2007 8. 2007
9. 2007 10. 2007 11. 2007 12. 2007
13. 2010 14. 2010 15. 2010

Click on an image to begin the tour.

Images and thumbnails 1-2 are reproduced courtesy of Jo Gosney.

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