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If you want to submit a photo, memory or details of family histories in Farnborough please send them to Historic Farnborough. And remember, it doesn't matter whether it relates to something in 1900 or 2000 - it's all to do with the history of Farnborough!

For security reasons if you wish to submit any images please use the form below and describe the image to us. We will then send you the email address you can send your images to. Also, if you have images you would like to submit but don't have them in a digital format then please also contact us below to discuss alternative arrangements.

Submission form

Please note: Historic Farnborough reserves the right to edit all submissions, and by making a submission does not guarantee that it will be included on the site if the material is deemed inappropriate (i.e. defamatory, offensive in any way, in breach of relevant legislation, e.g. copyright etc.)

Failure to check the final two boxes will result in non-inclusion of any material submitted to Historic Farnborough.

Please also note: once this form has been submitted it will be processed by an external forms processing service asking you to confirm your submission details before returning you to this site. Please do not be concerned at temporarily leaving the site.

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