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You've made it to The Sycamores, demolished in the 80s, and built and once occupied by local developer William Knell. Today, the site of the former house is the small road off Hilder Gardens bearing the same name in South Farnborough.

The Sycamores had many well-known local people reside their in its time with William Knell recorded as living their in 1871 before it was bought by Sir Thomas McMahon later in the 1870s before being sold to Sir Reginald Gipps in 1884.
Demolished - Gone but not forgotten. Image copyright
The nuns from the Hillside convent later purchased the property in 1915 after their former premises were taken over during the First World War. Eventually the Hilder family purchased the house before it was demolished. Hilder Gardens and The Sycamores road today remind of us the old estate. Sycamore Lodge, today known as Old White Lodge still exists on the corner of Sycamore Road and Canterbury Road (see images 13 and 14).

A map of the proposed "garden city" Sycamores estate from 1929, a number of aerial photographs of the Sycamores estate, and maps of the Farnborough Park area dating back from 1842 to 1948, are available in the Maps gallery, and a 1920s advert for the Hillside convent which owned The Sycamores and used it as a boarding school for girls, and photos of the inside of the school in the 1920s, are available in the School days gallery. For a complete history of The Sycamores and its occupants over the years go to

Where to now? Close by is the the Sycamores Lodge, Ardwyck House, Farley House, and Knellwood estate and to the West is the former site of the Farnborough and Cove War Memorial Hospital along with Alexandra Road and Castleden Hall, with the Farnborough Road running in both directions not too far away. To the East is Saltram Road. For the full list of locations nearby, pick where you want to go next from the menu on the right.

Click on an image to see how The Sycamores has changed over the years. (Remember to scroll down to see the larger images).

1. 1915-27 2. 1920s 3. 1920s 4. 1920s
5. 1920s 6. 1920s 7. 1928 8. 1980s
9. 1980s 10. 1980s 11. 1980s 12. 2007
13. 2007 14. 2007 15. 2009

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Images and thumbnails 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14 are reproduced courtesy of Chris Gare. Image 7 is reproduced courtesy of Jo Gosney and originates from Kathleen May, nee Hilder, who is the daughter of Henry Hilder who bought The Sycamores in 1928. Images and thumbnails 2-6 are reproduced courtesy of Vanessa Evans.

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